KatzRyan Commercial 


KatzRyan COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE  specializes working with high net worth families, individuals, companies, and institutions to buy, sell, and/or lease any commercial real estate product type to achieve our clients' hurdle rates and financial/portfolio strategies. 

Proprietary Consultation Process, Consistent Historical Success

All of our associates are highly experienced with advanced degrees in real estate education ranging from John's Hopkins University, the University of Virginia, University of Baltimore, and The University of Maryland, with major firm affiliates and associates of Harvard Law and The University of Pennsylvania.

Our team is constantly analyzing the market for the most lucrative and serious clients, both buyers, and sellers, that are looking to discreetly transact to achieve certain returns or goals regarding their real estate and financial portfolios. 

Regardless of your style as a commercial real estate investor, whether you need to lease an office space in the newest markets or buying a multi-million dollar portfolio anywhere in the global market, KatzRyan agents have the market expertise, relationships, and finances to make your commercial real estate goals a reality.