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Marcus Palm

Marcus is one of the youngest and newest members of our real estate team. Growing up in the Columbia area, he found his interest in sales and customer service when he joined T-Mobile in 2015. While a member of the T-Mobile team he was recognized as one of the Top Sales Associate in the Country twice in 2016 along with a special honors award from the company CEO for his sales excellence.

Marcus's true passion was always to find a way into the real estate market where the opportunity to help people has so many more facets, dynamics, diversity, and most importantly, opportunity.

Within 60 days of being licensed, he has already been a part of over $1 Million in real estate transactions, both commercial and residential.

Marcus received his real estate license in 2017 and has been putting his sales and customer service skills to use with R.E. Shilow Realty. Marcus believes in going beyond the norm in order to achieve the wants and needs of his clients. His ability to empathize, listen, and think quickly on his feet sets him apart from most realtors.

Unaccepting the possibility of limitations, he doesn't stop until 100% satisfaction has been achieved by his clients. Even though Marcus is new to real estate, he offers a fresh, new, and positive insight that will not only benefit him in becoming a recognized leader in the world of real estate but will also benefit the future buyers and sellers who will find success working with him.

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