Why Now Is The Best Time To Sell Your House

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The Perfect Storm

Now may just be one of the best times to sell your home we have ever seen in the last decade.

The current real estate market has done very well in the mist of COVID-19. Mortgage rates for 30-Year fixed homes are down 3.08%, with 15-Year fixed down at 2.63%. The median listing price had a increase 5.1% in the last year, bring the average price to $256,663 and is looking to increase another 4.8% within the next year according to Zillow.com. Now is a great time to sell your home to get the best price out of it given that there are less home sellers than home buyers, and the interest rates are at the lowest levels in years. That means it's a good time to buy as well, just there are a low inventory of houses on the market so buyers are finding themselves putting good offers on houses but losing to a higher offer that may seem "overpriced" when really the competition/demand for houses is high. 

Rolling In Offers

Home sellers the market has the perfect storm ready for you to sell your home at top value. The nation average for time a house sits on the market before it's sold is 64-93 days. R.E. Shilow Realty Investors Inc. has a large inventory of active buyers itching to put out solid offers. We can sell houses 30 days faster than the nation average. The only problem with selling your house is there will be too many offers to choose from.

Are You Selling Your Home?

If you are interested in selling your home for the highest market value please use the contact information below to get started!

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