A Journey through History - Birth of Reisterstown MD

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In the spring of 1785 a German immigrant by the name of John Reister purchased a 20-acre tract of land northwest of Baltimore which now serves mainly as a residential suburb of Baltimore City. A determined entrepreneur, Mr. Reister capitalized on the opportunity to build a tavern on the land to provide food, drink and lodging for travelers. As always competition would soon follow and with a larger 83 acre land purchase next to the original 20-acre tract the settlement of Reister’s Town was born. Eventually it would become known as Reisterstown and John began to develop what was then the Conewago Road, now known to Baltimoreans as Reisterstown Road.

With housing cost less than other nearby housing areas like Columbia & Ellicott City and convenient access to Baltimore City via I-795, I-695 & I-83 Reisterstown is a wonderful choice for those looking to buy a home in northern Baltimore County. With its neighbor Owings Mills shopping and general life services are always convenient.

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