A Quick Guide to a Great Home Inspection

Home Inspection Is The Most Important

When buying a home the home inspection is the most important part of the process. Why? Because it involves your physically safety.

Always hire a professional inspector. It is really not to expensive, especially in the grand scheme of things when buying a property. The price of the real estate inspection is mostly going to be based on SQ. FT

Almost all property owners that are selling their home have tried try, at some point, to DIY something in their home, and more often then not, they do it wrong and sometimes it can be a major safety concern.A professional inspector will go over all the micro construction details of the property and find all the issues that you would never think, or want to inspect. 

9 Focus Area's of a Home Inspection

1: The Exterior

2: The Structure of the property- SAFETY PAY ATTENTION



5: Appliances

6: Roof- Always get a roof certification

7: Attics and Crawl Spaces- Make sure there is good insulation, clean, and no infestations (bugs,varmints, reptiles, bats, etc)

8: Wiring and breakers- SAFETY PAYATTENTION

9: Windows and Doors- Make sure they all work properly and no air leaks

What is the Home Inspection Process

You home inspection should take an hour and a half for every 1200 ft, so if you are buying that 3600 sq. ft. home, give your self 4-5 hours on your schedule. At the inspection you will literally walk side by side with the inspector as he goes over the property. As he or she finds things that are wrong he will note them, take a picture, and explain to you what he or she would suggest.

Where Can You Find a Home Inspector

As always, a good place to start your search for a real estate inspector is on GOOGLE, lol, but, hopefully you are working with a Real Estate Agent who put you under contract for a great deal; a real estate agent or real estate brokerage firm will be able to give you a great referral. And last, but not least, ask someone you know who has bought a home, hopefully they did an inspection and they can give you a referral.

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