Best Home Renovations for ROI

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One of these days you might want to move to another area, upgrade, or even downsize your home. Spending time and money on adding these home improvements to your house will increase its market value. Keep in mind that these renovations could work better depending on where you live. Always do some research on other houses in your residential area to see how well these renovations will work for you. 

Home exterior improvement 

The first thing buyers see besides your area/neighborhood is your home's exterior. Having a freshly updated nice looking home exterior will not only increase your ROI but will also increase how many offers you receive on the house. Check your roof regularly. Depending on what type of material your roof is, it'll need replacing once every 15-30 years. Add a built-in porch, a brand new front door, fresh trim to your exterior, and if you have a garage a modern garage door.

Expand your home's interior

Homebuyers like additional space within their budget. Home offices are super popular since COVID-19 has people working from home if they are able to. Some ideas for expanding your home's interior include turning your attic into a bedroom, adding a sunroom, or extending your family room. Adding additional rooms will maximize your sale price and have your home standing out from your neighbor's homes.

Bathroom remodel

Everyone in a household has to use the bathroom and will spend a lot of their time in it. Make it look as spacious and luxurious as possible to catch buyers' eyes. Install walk-in showers or replace the tub to save space, install a hidden-tank toilet that hides the water storage vessel in the wall, and add a recessed medicine cabinet for extra storage. Making your bathroom spacious with modern upgrades and clean designs will increase your ROI guaranteed.

Upgrade Home Systems 

Most buyers plan to add additional renovations to specific rooms once they buy. Making sure your home systems are fully functioning will save buyers money for their renovations. Making sure appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, are as new as possible and working correctly will make your ROI go up and one less payment for your buyer which increases the chances of settling a lot! 

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