Tip of The Day: The Best Times To Buy And Sell

Best Times To Buy and Sell Real Estate

Hello everyone,

Our firm is going to start to give out tips of the day regarding real estate buying and selling decisions and many other topics.

Todays tip will cover the best times to buy and sell real estate. This is an easy yet not thought of tip:

1. When buying a home make sure to buy during the year at the lowest time in the market. For most real estate markets, such as Maryland, Baltimore, Ellicott CityOwings MillsSykesvilleCatonsville, the lowest time to buy in the market would be in January and February. The issue you have to pay keen attention to when buying in these months is imagination. Usually during these months there is snow on the ground and it is hard to envision the properties true beauty, but with a little imagination of what the property will look like on a beautiful spring day could score you instant equity. That means you literally can make money with your imagination, I think the only people who make money with there imagination are Disney engineers.

2. On the flip side, the best time to sell you home/ list your home is during the most active months in real estate. In Maryland, Baltimore, Ellicott City, Owings Mills, Sykesville, Catonsville, the most active or highest times in the market are April, May, and June. By holding off listing your home until April or May you will most likely get 3% to 5% higher value for you property then any other time of the year. See the chart below:

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