Buy a Home in Baltimore County

baltimore county condo developmentBaltimore County is one of Maryland's best counties to own a home. Real estate prices are still falling due to the recession and the housing bubble, but just because the price of homes is falling doesn't mean the quality of the homes or standard of living has changed at all!

As the most populated county in Maryland, the housing market in Baltimore county is still virulent and thriving. Baltimore County's proximity to Washington DC as well as its obvious envelopment of Baltimore City makes this a place that is home to a new and booming generation of urban professional commuters, who are bringing new growth to the county as a steady stream of homeowners leave Baltimore City.

Baltimore County combines the best of urban, suburban, and even rural mixed living. The Mckeldin 695 interstate beltway provides ample and easy transportation to points all around the county, as well as the 4 commuter rail systems that criss-cross the county.

Hamlets like Kingsville and Mount Vista still retain a rural agricultural small town feel, whereas just 20 miles lies Baltimore City. For the greatest mix in growth, amenities, urban and suburban to rural living, Baltimore County is the best place imaginable to buy a home.

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