Choosing The Right Real Estate Company

Getting in to the real estate industry people are blinded from what it takes to be successful in the industry. People think you go out get your license and start selling million dollar houses right off the bat. I know that was my mind set. 

After passing the licensing exam my phone started ringing off of the hook with different brokerages calling me asking me to come in for an "interview" with their brokerages. I was excited and nervous all at once. I remember each meeting went the same. First they built my confidence up and told me how great of a salesperson I was going to be with the company. Next they would tell me how to seek out to friends and family for business. Next we would talk about our commission splits. Finally we would come to the part of the meeting where they would give me a breakdown of expenses and fees that I would have to pay just to do business. I would leave each meeting thinking to myself how the how am I going to make any money at this industry if I have no knowledge of this industry and the owners of these companies want me to pay all my expenses and a monthly fee just to be eligible to sell.

For those of you who don't know, In real estate you don't make any, at all, unless you sell a house. It just didn't make any sense to me why I would split a commission with a brokerage who would literally do nothing to help me close a deal and make me pay all expenses. I do not have to do this at the casino in which I am an executive sales manager for clients. I thought to myself this does not seem legit at all. What prudent person would invest in a business they did not know or understand yet. At that point I put everything on hold. I wasn't even that interested in working in the industry anymore.

Luckily for me, I was able to run in to my broker while I was at work at the casino one day. One of my clients knew I just passed the licensing exam and told my broker I was looking to get in to the industry. My broker immediately starts telling me how I should come work for him. He starts going in to detail telling me how he's willing to pay all of my start up cost and provide me leads/warm clients. I thought this sounds way to good to be true. I can honestly say I have been very lucky join a great company that wants to see me succeed and not just collect a piece of my commission. On top of that giving me the tools and one on one training to succeed.

I'm on pace to close over a million dollars in real estate transactions in my first twelve months. All well being a part time agent. I talk to other people that I went through my real estate class and people that were taking a class the same time that I was and none of them have closed any deals. It's not because I'm better than him or her, it's because my broker put me in the position to close deals.

James Clark

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