Traditionally speaking condominiums are the most volatile of investments. Ask someone who bought one during the 1970s or 1980s or 05-07 and they probably have the war wounds to prove it.

Recently condominium ownership has made a strong comeback with Americans looking to purchase second homes particularly in popular resort areas. In my honest opinion I don't know weather or not this will continue as condos are usually harder to sell than a single-family home. Also with Home Owners Associations there are management issues rules & cost that may be beyond your control.

When the decision is made to purchase a condo you must consider your prospective tenant or buyer. Is the price in line with  with other comparable properties in the area so not to limit the number of possible buyers or tenants.  The age of a development should also be considered. Are the dues high and if so will they continue to rise as the property ages and falls in need of repair. Another serious consideration is to be aware that selling your home in the future may depend upon your neighbors ability to stay current on their HOA fees. If an association falls 15% or more behind FHA will not approve a unit in that complex for a loan making your potential buyers pool supper slim.

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