Don't Let Someone Steal Your Home

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This is a wild story in the real estate business.

Don't let someone steal your home!

A  family had their house for sale in Maryland, It was a beautiful property that they had owned for almost thirty years. The real estate note was almost paid off. This home was worth upwards of half a million dollars. 

The real estate agent that was listing the property received a phone call from another agent that was representing buyers that would like to view the home. The buyers agent had said that his clients found the house through the MLS listings he was sending them. The listing agent set the appointment for the buyers agent's clients to view the real estate at 5:30 pm, just as it was getting dark, here in Maryland. The listing agent then called his clients and told them of the real estate showing at 5:30. The family new the routine, this had been the fifth or sixth showing since it was put on the real estate market two weeks earlier.

Once everyone from the family got home they quickly ate dinner, cleaned the house, and left just in time to see the potential buyers driving past as the family left. The buyers appointment was for two hours. When the family came back to the house it was now almost 8pm and dark. They noticed the potential buyers car still in the driveway. When they got to the front door, the key did not work. Confused, the father knocked on the front door. A person he never had seen or met peered through the blind and said "please get off my property or I am calling the cops." The father told his family to get in the car. He then became very angry and started yelling to the person inside. After about 5 minutes of this the police came to the house. 

When the police arrived at the home the family had told them what was going on. The police then went to the front door and a man and woman opened the door and told the police that this was their house they had just purchased the home two days earlier. At this point, very confused, the police officers looked at the sign in the front yard, turned to the family, and said there is nothing we can do, you are going to have to leave.

If this was your house, what would you do?

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