2018 Official Real Estate Statistics

Impressive Real Estate Statistics


Over the last year Real Estate in the Baltimore County region has been increasing on a positive slope. Out of the 1088 homes that have been listed 831 of them have been sold. This is a whopping 76% success rate in the market for buying, selling, or renting a home. This means that if you were to put your home on the market right now, it is almost guaranteed your home would be sold in the next 90 days. In the real estate market the monthly supply of inventory is important. This is the number  of homes being sold monthly and if there is a 5.6 MSI this means that roughly 10.5 homes are being sold each month. here in 2019 so far there is a 4.7 MSI which is still very impressive for the beginning of the year. 


Why Price Matters


The price at which people sell their home is very important. The volume listed in dollar amount for R.E. Shilow Realty really puts that pricing in perspective. The value of homes listed in the total year was 447 million. Keeping in mind 831 of 1088 homes sold, our sold volume was 317 million. This means that your house when put on the market will sell at its listed value. No need to go up or down on offers, because prices are at their peak performance. Volume listed is very important in terms of homes being sold and as these numbers show it is a main priority here at R.E. Shilow. 


Everyone Wants a Home


Real Estate is one of the most important commodities anyone on planet earth can purchase. Everyone wants somewhere to live and everyone wants a home. It is with the utmost importance that you as a buyer, seller, or investor understand the market. With the above information you can get a grip on the standard of success here at R.E. Shilow Realty. 

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