Featured Neighborhood - Owings Mills

owings mills landmark

Owings Mills is a suburb of Baltimore with a population of 30,622 people as of the 2010 census.

Owings Mills is an often overlooked community that is ranked number 49 on the "100 Best Places To Live" list. Its northern location gives residents a rural feel with easy access to Baltimore City. It boasts a very diverse demographic with over 40% of the 8,853 households occupied by married couples.

It is served by the Baltimore County Public School Systems providing some of the best education opportunities in the nation with Stevenson University, formerly Villa Julie College, and the prestigious McDonough School calling the area home.

Those with employment based in Baltimore City will find the use of the Maryland Mass Transit Authority Subway System which stops in Owings Mills a convenient and environmentally efficient way to avoid traffic and commute to work. Owings Mills is often considered to be a bedroom community but its great incentives make it an ideal location for relocating businesses. The New Town area of Owings Mills is on the rise and boasts development features similar to those of Columbia MD.

Baltimore County’s small business loan program provides Real Estate, fixed asset & capitol loans of up to 500K to firms with less than 75 employees. Its quick accessibility to the metro line also makes it ideal for downtown workers looking for alternatives to Baltimore’s often retched traffic.

Major facilities in Owings Mills include the home office of the Baltimore Ravens, Solo Cup Company, Care First, T. Rowe Price, Black & Decker and the popular TV series Motor Week with local roads often making an appearance on the show.

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