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Spring Home Decorating Tips

Decorating each season is a great way to bring the outdoors in. After a long cloudy winter stuck inside it's time to open up some windows and enjoy the fresh spring air but first, let's add some Fresh flowers, Woven baskets, floral patterns, and more to make your house pop! 

Fresh flowers

Another way to bring spring indoors besides opening up the windows is to set out vases of colorful flowers. Flowers like a sunny yellow daffodil or a sky blue hydrangea are some good springtime flowers that will give your room a pop of spring! Other colors to look for that evoke the feelings of springtime are light green, pink, purple, cyan, you can't go wrong with light colors


Floral patterns/Pastel accessories

Fresh flowers aren't enough to bring the spring feel? Go big and bold by adding floral furniture or wallpaper. Or keep your spring design transitional by adding floral pillows, rugs, or artwork you can take down seasonally. Add little touches with Pastel accessories. These muted tones of bolder colors will add an ascetically pleasing spring feel to any room complimenting other springtime decorations around them.


Bold contrasts 

As springtime comes around instead of seeing more darker colors, the colors start transitioning to lighter brighter colors. There is a middle phase in the transition where darker colors from winter and lighter colors from spring work together giving bold contrasts. You can do this in your home by matching bold colors with neutrals. Brown and blue, yellow and black, gray and pink are just some samples for contrasting decor. 


Woven baskets 

Baskets are often associated with the season and can be an easy way to add a soft spring touch to your room. Baskets can also be very functional. Use one to store blankets that you may need on a chilly night, or to collect children's toys or pet's toys.


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