Home Inspection

If you're looking to buy a home and have reached the inspection point of the home buying process, you're getting closer to the closing table. Walking through your home and giving the walls a stare down may not be enough. There is no opinion like an expert opinion which is why having a home inspection is crucial. The know it all will be able to give you the best advice as to what you may be getting yourself into.

This could be a double edged sword. A client who has fallen in love with a property does not want to hear of a foundation issue with a home that they have set their sights on and that can kill a deal quick. Their is no such thing as a perfect home. A good agent has their clients best interest at heart not profit and should always keep their clients out of harms way. Time alone will beat down on a home making maintenance repairs absolutely necessary. Depending on the size of the problem this shouldn't always be a deal breaker.

A good inspector is always on your side and should be more than willing to educate a client on the workings of a home and ways to maintain its upkeep. Don't let a good inspector or agents tips go in one ear and out the other. Good agents educate inform and serve to the best of their abilities at all times.

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