Kitchen Hacks

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Easy Kitchen Hacks 

One of the most used rooms in a household is the kitchen. The kitchen is not just for cooking. It can be a place to study, work, or a space to gather with friends and family. Keep in mind these kitchen hacks that can make working in your kitchen much easier.

Helpful Magnets

Magnets are a great tool for your kitchen and can help in a lot of ways. Storing your knives with a magnetic knife hanger will keep knives out of the way but still in arm's reach. Instead of leaving your spices on the counter or taking up more cabinet space, use magnetic spice holders that will organize your spices keeping them out of the way but still available for easy use. Smaller magnets are also great for decorating your fridge with pictures, hanging a calendar, or putting a grocery list on your fridge so as items run out you can simply add them for the trip to the store

Hanging Pots and Pans

Pots and pans are often huge and take up a lot of space. Hanging your pots and pans on a rack will free up a lot of storage and is also a nice design. Hanging them above a kitchen island or oven can make your kitchen look like a 5-star restaurant. You will also not have to put together a puzzle trying to get them to fit in a cabinet. You can just reach up and start cooking! 

Counter Space

Countertops can get very cluttered in the kitchen. Following the "don't put it down, put it away" rule is the first part of the fight for clear countertops more ways to keep them clear are to get salt, pepper, and olive oil organizers. Instead of just leaving them on the kitchen counter. Have storage cabinets for tea makers, coffee makers, and toasters to keep those larger items out of the way. If you read, work, or study in the kitchen using book/magazine holders will keep papers from cluttering space.

The Fridge 

Having a messy fridge can be overwhelming. Don't just throw things in when putting away groceries, labeling everything or having certain locations in your fridge for certain items will fix your issue instantly. Store meat on the lowest shelf in case of leaking from the package. Using the bottom of an egg holder to hold condiments upright on the refrigerator side shelf will keep them from falling over cluttering up shelf space.

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