Make It Happen

Average mortgage rates are at an all time low, for those determined enough to see the dream of home ownership come to fruition now is the time to make it happen.

Despite the daily briefings of current economic gloom, becoming a home owner can be obtained by all who are disciplined and willing to listen proper guidance. 

Current historically low interest rates are a great help for those who have not given up on the American Dream. On average current rate's continue to hover in the low 4% range with some borrowers reporting rates obtained in the high 3's. The overall consensus is that rates will continue to stay low well into 2012, I personally think not much will change until early 2013 so I'm excited to see how my prediction will turn out.

We all know a lower interest rate equals more money in your bank. In the not too far past, a buyer that could obtain a rate lower than 7% could be thought of along the lines of a unicorn.

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