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June 1, 2021

The Importance of Bathroom Lighting

The different types of bathroom lighting

When decorating, there are three basic sorts of lighting to consider:

General, including the overhead lights you'll have in any given room

Task, like reading lights at your desk or in bed

Accent, used to highlight décor, such as paintings

How are these sorts of lights utilized in a bathroom?

General and task lighting could also be the foremost applicable sorts of lighting to use in a space like a toilet. But that’s to not say you can’t use an accent light if you would like to showcase a feature. Typically, however, general and task lighting are more important to think about when lighting a toilet.

Shower Lighting

Have you ever tried to use a shower in someone’s home or a hotel that has no light? Especially when paired with a dark, heavy curtain, it is often oppressive to shower in those conditions.

Although you'll wash your body intuitively, light can help in many sorts of ways. It can even improve your mood. If you can’t install an overhead light in your shower, think about using a curtain that allows light or installs glass doors instead.

Vanity Lighting

Most close-up work is completed at the toilet vanity. You may use the mirror to put on makeup or to shave within the morning. You need good lighting so you'll see details and work efficiently.

You often see task lighting configured to round the vanity. This lighting could also be mounted just above or to the side of the mirror to assist you to see clearly when you’re working on the brink of your face. You can get vanity lights that can be custom designed to dim or brighten up depending on the situation.

Overhead Lighting

Of course, you almost certainly will produce another general lighting in your bathroom also. This lighting may include ceiling lights that illuminate the space generally. This lighting could enhance your shower if you don’t have a fanatical shower light.

Popular overhead lights include recessed ceiling canisters or more decorative lighting fixtures. Pick the lights that employment with space but also that are easy to wash and maintain during a bathroom.


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May 30, 2021

The Best Kitchen Countertop Materials

Kitchen Countertop Materials

Your kitchen counters need to work for your lifestyle. There are many materials to choose from, so how do you decide? Here are a few ideas that can get you started when you pick out the countertop for your home.


Granite is a naturally occurring stone used frequently in kitchen countertops. The stone is sourced from quarries and is cut into thin slabs that can be polished and fit as countertops. It has several benefits, including an easy-to-clean surface without cracks or crevices.


Like granite, marble is a natural stone. It is typically found in shades of white and makes an excellent single-surface countertop. Once polished, marble counters are high-gloss and easy to use. No two marble countertops are the same.


Some people like to use tile made of ceramic, stone or glass on countertops. It's easy for do-it-yourself counter builders. However, you must use the correct grout to ensure that the counters stay clean and free of debris.


A popular choice for countertops right now is wood. Wooden countertops are also referred to as "butcher blocks" and are durable, cleanable and attractive. However, they need additional care to keep them clean and free of damage.


Laminate countertops have come a long way since they were first introduced in the mid-20th century. Laminate is good for budget-conscious homeowners and can mimic natural forms such as granite or wood, among other fun patterns.


Some homeowners love the look of concrete countertops, which can be poured in custom forms. Once the concrete is set, the surface is durable. Concrete can also be tinted or have decorative aggregates added.


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April 29, 2021

5 Major Factors That Affect Your Home Insurance

Factors That Affect Home Insurance

Homeowners should understand what factors dictate their insurance rates to know what they are paying for and how much they can save. The 5 factors below will directly impact your home's insurance rates. 



The materials used to build your home are very important when determining your home's insurance rates.  High-end expensive materials have higher insurance rates, whereas lower-end materials cost significantly less to insure. The material used contributes to your home's insurance policy because it will need to be replaced if a claim is made.


Home Style

The home's style can help you determine what kind of issues are bound to be expected down the line. Styles like townhomes and condos provide 'Walls-In' coverage also known as form H06; providing coverage for the interior of the residential unit and protection for the personal belongings of the unit owner.  Styles like Single Family homes (Form H03) provide all the necessary coverage on one form except the perils of earthquakes and floods which are usually on a separate policy.


Square Footage 

Larger square footage homes are more expensive to insure because they pose a higher risk for incidents to occur. Larger spaces mean more possibilities and more coverage. If you end up making a claim, it will be more intensive than a smaller home.



Having the latest greatest home amenities can be nice but these items will cause your insurance rates to spike. Features such as sheds, decks, and garages will cause your interest rates to increase. Risks like pools, fireplaces, trampolines, and even certain type of animal breeds make interest rates increase 


Age of Property

If not cared for right, homes deteriorate as they get older. For insurance companies, older homes represent higher risks for damage and issues. Homeowners should alert their insurance agents to any recent repairs, renovations, and damage mitigating systems they have in place to keep the home young. 

Always keep these 5 factors in mind to better understand what affects your home's insurance rates.


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April 26, 2021

Best Home Renovations for ROI

Home Renovations That Give the Best ROI

One of these days you might want to move to another area, upgrade, or even downsize your home. Spending time and money on adding these home improvements to your house will increase its market value. Keep in mind that these renovations could work better depending on where you live. Always do some research on other houses in your residential area to see how well these renovations will work for you.


Home exterior improvement 

The first thing buyers see besides your area/neighborhood is your home's exterior. Having a freshly updated nice looking home exterior will not only increase your ROI but will also increase how many offers you receive on the house. Check your roof regularly. Depending on what type of material your roof is, it'll need replacing once every 15-30 years. Add a built-in porch, a brand new front door, fresh trim to your exterior, and if you have a garage a modern garage door.


Expand your home's interior

Homebuyers like additional space within their budget. Home offices are super popular since COVID-19 has people working from home if they are able to. Some ideas for expanding your home's interior include turning your attic into a bedroom, adding a sunroom, or extending your family room. Adding additional rooms will maximize your sale price and have your home standing out from your neighbor's homes.


Bathroom remodel

Everyone in a household has to use the bathroom and will spend a lot of their time in it. Make it look as spacious and luxurious as possible to catch buyers' eyes. Install walk-in showers or replace the tub to save space, install a hidden-tank toilet that hides the water storage vessel in the wall, and add a recessed medicine cabinet for extra storage. Making your bathroom spacious with modern upgrades and clean designs will increase your ROI guaranteed.


Upgrade Home Systems 

Most buyers plan to add additional renovations to specific rooms once they buy. Making sure your home systems are fully functioning will save buyers money for their renovations. Making sure appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, are as new as possible and working correctly will make your ROI go up and one less payment for your buyer which increases the chances of settling a lot! 


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April 23, 2021

Kitchen Hacks

Easy Kitchen Hacks 

One of the most used rooms in a household is the kitchen. The kitchen is not just for cooking. It can be a place to study, work, or a space to gather with friends and family. Keep in mind these kitchen hacks that can make working in your kitchen much easier.

Helpful Magnets

Magnets are a great tool for your kitchen and can help in a lot of ways. Storing your knives with a magnetic knife hanger will keep knives out of the way but still in arm's reach. Instead of leaving your spices on the counter or taking up more cabinet space, use magnetic spice holders that will organize your spices keeping them out of the way but still available for easy use. Smaller magnets are also great for decorating your fridge with pictures, hanging a calendar, or putting a grocery list on your fridge so as items run out you can simply add them for the trip to the store

Hanging Pots and Pans

Pots and pans are often huge and take up a lot of space. Hanging your pots and pans on a rack will free up a lot of storage and is also a nice design. Hanging them above a kitchen island or oven can make your kitchen look like a 5-star restaurant. You will also not have to put together a puzzle trying to get them to fit in a cabinet. You can just reach up and start cooking! 

Counter Space

Countertops can get very cluttered in the kitchen. Following the "don't put it down, put it away" rule is the first part of the fight for clear countertops more ways to keep them clear are to get salt, pepper, and olive oil organizers. Instead of just leaving them on the kitchen counter. Have storage cabinets for tea makers, coffee makers, and toasters to keep those larger items out of the way. If you read, work, or study in the kitchen using book/magazine holders will keep papers from cluttering space.

The Fridge 

Having a messy fridge can be overwhelming. Don't just throw things in when putting away groceries, labeling everything or having certain locations in your fridge for certain items will fix your issue instantly. Store meat on the lowest shelf in case of leaking from the package. Using the bottom of an egg holder to hold condiments upright on the refrigerator side shelf will keep them from falling over cluttering up shelf space.


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April 22, 2021

Home Decorating Tips For This Spring

Spring Home Decorating Tips

Decorating each season is a great way to bring the outdoors in. After a long cloudy winter stuck inside it's time to open up some windows and enjoy the fresh spring air but first, let's add some Fresh flowers, Woven baskets, floral patterns, and more to make your house pop! 


Fresh flowers

Another way to bring spring indoors besides opening up the windows is to set out vases of colorful flowers. Flowers like a sunny yellow daffodil or a sky blue hydrangea are some good springtime flowers that will give your room a pop of spring! Other colors to look for that evoke the feelings of springtime are light green, pink, purple, cyan, you can't go wrong with light colors


Floral patterns/Pastel accessories

Fresh flowers aren't enough to bring the spring feel? Go big and bold by adding floral furniture or wallpaper. Or keep your spring design transitional by adding floral pillows, rugs, or artwork you can take down seasonally. Add little touches with Pastel accessories. These muted tones of bolder colors will add an ascetically pleasing spring feel to any room complimenting other springtime decorations around them.


Bold contrasts 

As springtime comes around instead of seeing more darker colors, the colors start transitioning to lighter brighter colors. There is a middle phase in the transition where darker colors from winter and lighter colors from spring work together giving bold contrasts. You can do this in your home by matching bold colors with neutrals. Brown and blue, yellow and black, gray and pink are just some samples for contrasting decor. 


Woven baskets 

Baskets are often associated with the season and can be an easy way to add a soft spring touch to your room. Baskets can also be very functional. Use one to store blankets that you may need on a chilly night, or to collect children's toys or pet's toys.


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Jan. 5, 2021

2021 Market Outlook


Effects of 2020 Corona on 2021 Real Estate Market

Bright MLS did a survey asking people to share their thoughts on how the real estate industry was affected by events in 2020, and where it can be improved in 2021

1,250+ people took the survey offering their predictions for the 2021 housing market. People talked about how COVID-19, consumer behavior, and building/design trends will affect this years market.

What did they say?

The demand for home office space is good but is only going to get better given the pandemic that is keeping people from going out to the office. A home learning space for children will also be in high demand since most schools will be remote. Virtual tours & being able to access any information mobile will increase in 2021. Record low inventory, economic changes, the desire for suburban homes, and record low-interest rates will drastically affect the housing market for 2021.

What does this mean for you?

The world is starting to change and adapt to COVID-19 by allowing clients to do anything they would need to do at home. This means the more that you can accomplish your client's goals and provide them with the information they need online the better. It's a great time to build your digital footprint! An open house may not be as effective comparing to marketing your client's home with a virtual tour, taking more pictures at every angle, and a thorough description of the property. When showing clients homes make sure you wear a mask, wipe down doors, and anything that may be touched for the safest experience. 

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Dec. 3, 2020

Staging Your Home? Here Are 5 Things To Keep In Mind

5 things to keep in mind when staging your home

First impressions are everything when selling a house. Buyer agents say staging a home makes it easier for their clients to picture themselves in the property as a future home for their families, which will result in a higher chance of them making an offer on your property. So staging a home if you have the budget is important to consider doing. 

1.) Judging A book by its cover

Buyers almost always judge your house before ever entering inside. Cutting the lawn, planting flowers, and fixing up any damages to the exterior will help give a brand new feel to your home. Having chipped paint, loose or dried shingles, or outdated window shutters can make your home look worn out. And don't forget to clean your gutters! Everything helps improve that first impression and what your home will look like in pictures!

2.) Depersonalize

Buyers will try to imagine themselves living in your home. Wall art, religious items, and family pictures should be removed so the buyer can picture what they want in that blank space.

3.) It's in the way

Oversized furniture can tend to block living space, which can result in buyers feeling like the room is to small for their liking. Removing big furniture and replacing it with smaller items can free up living space to give buyers the full picture.

4.) Not every room needs to be staged

You want to stage where it counts. The top 3 rooms most important to buyers is the kitchen, living room, and master bedroom. Focus on these rooms over all when staging your house!

5.) The paint job

Having the right colors on the walls can increase your chances of getting that good offer. Bright colors tend to be a turn-off to most buyers. Using neutral colors such as white, gray, and taupe is a good way to attract potential buyers to come see your home in person.

Need to stage your property? 

We have the best of the best when it comes to staging properties in-door and out! Contact us if you need help staging your property.

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Nov. 24, 2020

Weatherproof Outdoor Furniture

What's The Best Material? 

If you want to buy a home with ample outdoor space for entertaining, there are additional considerations. Not only do you want shelter from the weather, but you need to make sure the furniture you have outside can withstand the elements. What are some weatherproof outdoor furniture options that are both comfortable and practical? Let's take a closer look.


Metal chairs and tables for outdoor entertaining have some advantages. They don't retain moisture, so they are easy to dry and use in all weather conditions. However, depending on the finish, they can be susceptible to rust. You can maintain their quality by sealing them.


Many people like the look and functionality of wood. However, the wrong kind of wood can rot or weather. Seal your wood furniture and use woods that are intended for outdoor use, such as treated wood or composite lumber.


Another popular choice is wicker furniture. It is usually paired with outdoor cushions to increase comfort; we'll discuss upholstery options below. Wicker is durable, sustainable and easy to use outside.


Plastic is another choice because of its durability. It can be cleaned easily and kept dry. However, if your concern is sustainability, other materials are more environmentally friendly than plastic.


If you choose to use cushions to make your outdoor space more comfortable, make sure they are covered in a waterproof or weatherproof material. However, if your cushions are exposed to heavy rain, they may still become wet or waterlogged, which can lead to mold. You may wish to store cushions indoors or in a weatherproof bin.

Need To Stage Your Property?

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Nov. 3, 2020

New Gorgeous $375k Property In Columbia, MD

5523 Suffield Ct, Columbia, MD 21044 is a MUST SEE!

This gorgeous townhome property built in the year 1982 is going to fly off the market fast! 3 bedrooms, 2/1 baths, and many upgrades including a master suite with walk-in closets you will not just feel like you are living in paradise you actually will be! Listing price at $375,000 in the heart of Columbia allows you to virtually be near everything you could want. With ponds, trails, shopping centers close by, and a beautiful private tennis court. Home warranty paid through 2024 with no CPRA fees. 3 story 1,547 square feet with off street parking in Howard County School district. The perfect home for you and your family!


Are You Interested Or Selling Your Home?

If you are interested in this property or selling your home for the highest market value please use the contact information below to get started!

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