Plumbing Issues When Selling A Home

Here is a plumbing issue you may run into on a home inspection.

When originally used, CSST or flex gas piping in newly built real estate, there was not any ordnance on grounding flex gas pipe. Now new real estate builders are not allowed to use flex pipe for gas unless it is grounded and bonded to the real estate grounding system (This is inexpensive but needs to be done to be compliant with updated county safety codes). If lightening were to strike or there was an abnormal serge in electricity could cause and explosion, destroying the real estate and extreme danger for everyone around, but if grounding and bonding are applied to merge with the grounding of the real estate electrical infrastructure, there is major reduced risk of explosion. The use of flex gas pipe has been a great issue of debate in the plumbing industry within the past 5-10 years. Some municipalities will not allow its use in new construction. Howard County and many counties in Maryland will not allow the use OF CSST (only allow very short runs) in new real estate construction.

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