Staging Your Home? Here Are 5 Things To Keep In Mind

5 things to keep in mind when staging your home

First impressions are everything when selling a house. Buyer agents say staging a home makes it easier for their clients to picture themselves in the property as a future home for their families, which will result in a higher chance of them making an offer on your property. So staging a home if you have the budget is important to consider doing. 

1.) Judging A book by its cover

Buyers almost always judge your house before ever entering inside. Cutting the lawn, planting flowers, and fixing up any damages to the exterior will help give a brand new feel to your home. Having chipped paint, loose or dried shingles, or outdated window shutters can make your home look worn out. And don't forget to clean your gutters! Everything helps improve that first impression and what your home will look like in pictures!

2.) Depersonalize

Buyers will try to imagine themselves living in your home. Wall art, religious items, and family pictures should be removed so the buyer can picture what they want in that blank space.

3.) It's in the way

Oversized furniture can tend to block living space, which can result in buyers feeling like the room is to small for their liking. Removing big furniture and replacing it with smaller items can free up living space to give buyers the full picture.

4.) Not every room needs to be staged

You want to stage where it counts. The top 3 rooms most important to buyers is the kitchen, living room, and master bedroom. Focus on these rooms over all when staging your house!

5.) The paint job

Having the right colors on the walls can increase your chances of getting that good offer. Bright colors tend to be a turn-off to most buyers. Using neutral colors such as white, gray, and taupe is a good way to attract potential buyers to come see your home in person.

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